EB-5 Program

Requirements and Documentation for EB-5 program


  • Must create 10 new permanent employment jobs for the Americans directly or indirectly
  • must be in a commercial enterprise for profit and be non risk averse
  • must have been obtained through lawful means and traceable
  • can be obtained through relatives as gift as long as proper gift letter is given
  • can be an inheritance as long as proper documents provided
  • can be from a Real Estate transaction with a proof of sale and records of proceeds
  • must have been taxed with last five years of tax returns showing income and taxes paid
  • must have personal records if the funds are from stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc.
  • in business requires registration documentation and financial statements of five years.

Documents that an Investor signs are

  • Confidential Investor suitability Questionnaire – completed
  • Consulting agreement
  • Subscription agreement
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Escrow agreement
  • Waiver of Conflict of agreement
  • Bank statements and Transfer of funds confirmation from Investor's bank

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