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Mid columbia Energy initiative


MCEI is focused on economic development that capitalizes on local infrastructure, resources, and expertise in the energy sector, while retaining and recruiting businesses and jobs that promote solutions to current and future energy challenges.


The Mid-Columbia Energy Initiative (MCEI) is providing solutions to national energy challenges by using local and regional energy resources. We are leveraging research development and commercialization expertise, business entrepreneurs, access to land, infrastructure, technical workforce, and a unique combination of sustainable power sources that already exist in this area of the Pacific Northwest.

MCEI offers a region that has the ability to pursue just about any kind of energy generation because of access to land, infrastructure, and a unique combination of sustainable power sources already being produced in the area. Supporting resources for R&D, education and training currently exist as well (i.e. Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), Bio-products, Sciences and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL), MSA and other leading technology companies, and more).

MCEI supports efforts to transform the nation's current carbon-based economy into a safer, more sustainable, and economically advantageous energy ecosystem.


Transforming the Tri-Cities into the undisputed leader in providing local, state and national clean, sustainable energy solutions and leading the way to energy independence.


MCEI is a program powered by the Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC). TRIDEC is the lead economic development organization for Benton and Franklin counties in Washington State as well as a designated Department of Energy Community Reuse Organization (CRO).

MCEI came about in 2009 after DOE announced "footprint reductions" for DOE cleanup sites including Hanford, and DOE included a vision of turning some of the land into Energy Parks. Immediately following DOE's announcement, TRIDEC called a meeting of some 20 individuals representing local energy companies, PUDs, solar manufacturers, BPA, Energy Northwest -- our state's nuclear operator -- and Mission Support Alliance (MSA). (MSA is the DOE contractor that provides infrastructure and services to support the Hanford Site's environmental cleanup mission) This meeting was called to discuss remedies for solving the nations energy challenges by utilizing the Hanford Site's local natural resources, and by leveraging research and development expertise of the areas highly trained workforce. Twenty were invited and twenty seven showed up! This group has been meeting since January 2009, and in mid 2010 became a formal committee of TRIDEC identified as MCEI.

Now over 120 members strong, MCEI is working towards bringing about the realization that the Tri-City region is primed to become the nation's recognized leader in solving energy challenges.

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